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12V Car Vaccum Cleaner

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12 V Car Vaccum Cleaner

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This compact and lightweight 12-Volt Handheld Automotive Vacuum Cleaner is great for travel. It plugs right into your lighter socket and has a 110-inch long cord to reach throughout your vehicle. It includes a crevice tool to get the tight spots in vehicles. Its versatile function allows you to pick up debris as well as light liquid spills.

This powerful 12-Volt Wet/Dry Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner has the ability to clean up both solids and liquids, offering seemingly unlimited uses. Ergonomic handle, 110-inch cord and lightweight design allows for easy carrying and use. Built-in crevice tool and LED light allow you to reach those tight corners and cracks. 12-volt plug in allows you to power the device from the car itself. No assembling is required.

– DC 12V
– LED light is convenient for using at night
– Controlled by ON/OFF switch
– Handy light weight design
– Wet and Dry functions with strong suction
– Complete with convenient attachment and washable 


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